Legal Sports Bets In Pennsylvania – What Happens In 2021?

Sports betting legally became legal in Pennsylvania in October 2021 when the beautiful Hollywood Casino in Grantville became the first sports book in the state to open up an account. Six other local casinos have applied to run a sportsbook, and all of them are expected to be operating by the end of next January 2021. In the meantime though, there are many more people than ever before getting into sports betting through online sports books, and Pennsylvania residents can reap the benefits. If you’re already betting online for profit in another state, Pennsylvania offers many more advantages than many other states.

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Like most places, if you want to bet on sports in Pennsylvania you need to do some homework before you book your bets. Fortunately, it’s easier than ever to do that thanks to the many sportsbooks around the state that have chosen to offer sports betting apps. You can either use a desktop sportsbook or one of the many mobile apps for bettors that are available. No matter which type you choose though, you can bet responsibly from anywhere in the world.

While it was possible for people in Ohio and New York to enjoy sports betting via a PC, it was never quite the same as being able to bet via their cell phones. Now though, that’s all changed thanks to the dedicated efforts of the state’s two largest high stakes gaming companies. Gambling in Pennsylvania has boomed over the past few years thanks to the boom of online casinos that opened up across the nation. In fact, since April of 2021 there has been an eightfold increase in Pennsylvania residents betting via an iPhone or iPad. The reasons behind this surge are varied but all of the sudden everyone is trying their luck at online Pennsylvania casinos.

Part of the reason for the surge in popularity has been the rise of several successful online casinos that opened up across the state. The success of these sites has also led to a rise in tax rates across the board in Pennsylvania. Although the legality of online gaming in the state has not been questioned by Pennsylvania’s legislature or the executive, the tax rate charged by the state for out of state residents is now four times higher than the national average. This has had a direct, negative impact on the Pennsylvania sportsbooks though as they have been forced to jack up their prices in order to cover the extra taxes.

The legality of online sports betting in Pennsylvania is still up in the air, but no longer appears to be in question. The new jersey may have a bit of an advantage though thanks to the state’s recent legal trouble. For example, the New Jersey gambling board recently sued the state over a set of new laws that made it legal for players to wager on New Jersey sportsbooks. At the time, the New Jersey attorney general claimed that the new law would not affect the ability of residents to legally wager on sportsbooks in Pennsylvania. As of this writing, however, Pennsylvania is still on the hook for the impending lawsuit from New Jersey.

While there may be some doubt among residents as to whether or not the new laws would affect them, it may not matter too much. In recent years, many people have shifted their allegiance from bookmakers to online sports betting sites. It’s really hard to blame them, because the process has become easier, more accurate, and allows them to wager on teams from all over the world. And, as we’ve found out, there’s usually very little difference between betting on an actual game from betting on an online site. So, for the person who used to get angry about getting ripped off by high rollers at the casino, getting hit with an extra tax at home just isn’t as bad as getting hit at the Harrah’s in Vegas.

The real losers here, unfortunately, are the people who patronize the land-based sports books in Pennsylvania. Many of these people will now have to make a payment every time they make a bet. While it may not seem like a lot initially, those extra payments can really add up over time. It’s also possible that these Pennsylvania sports betting apps could end up leading to further regulation of the Pennsylvania State Athletic Commission. This could be a step in the right direction, though it remains to be seen how far this new legislation will take.

There are still plenty of details to come in the legal sports bets in Pennsylvania topic. However, for the time being, it looks as if this year’s sports betting season in Pennsylvania will be cut short by at least a few weeks. For most of Pennsylvania’s residents, it’ll be a welcome interruption to the monotony of the regular annual ritual. Until such a time that the Pennsylvania State Athletic Commission can figure out how to make the best regulation of sports bets in the state, Pennsylvania sports books look as though they’re going to continue providing customers with the ability to place sports bets without any problems. For now, all eyes are on the upcoming spring season.