Winning Sports Betting Basics – How to Win More Sports Betting Money!

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Winning Sports Betting Basics – How to Win More Sports Betting Money!

The Vikings are one of the great teams to watch for sports betting. The Minnesota Vikings have been a perennial Super Bowl contender. They’re exciting and fun to watch. Minnesota is full of fans and local residents enjoy root beer. Here are five great bets for this year’s edition of the playoffs.

If the Vikings make it to the Super Bowl, you can expect Minnesota fans to go all out when it comes to buying tickets. This is an easy prediction to make. The Vikings are a big play in the NFC. Right now the team is in a rebuilding process. Teddy Bridgewater has moved on to the next level and there will be changes. I don’t see the Vikings competing very hard for the NFC West.

Another team to consider is the Dallas Cowboys. The Cowboys seem to always be a trendy pick. They’ve done a nice job finding quality athletes that can give them a physical presence. This is a team that also appears to be loaded with young talent. I like the Cowboys to go far in the playoffs.

The Green Bay Packers was a surprising choice to make the top four in my DVOA rankings. They’re a powerhouse and one of the most complete teams in the NFL. Aaron Rodgers is having a fantastic year, but do the Packers have enough top-notch receivers? I think they do.

A lot of people love the New York Giants. I don’t see them winning the Super Bowl, but I do believe they have a strong chance. The offense is dynamic and the defense is physical. These factors will lead the Giants to a long season.

Speaking of the Giants, there’s one team that’s been making a big buzz in recent weeks. The Philadelphia Eagles has surprised everyone. They’re winning handily, thanks in large part to the efforts of its defense. You have to like the Eagles as a team and view Carson Wentz as a top 5 fantasy quarterback. He should produce huge numbers again this year. Let’s hope for the best out of Wentz in Year 2.

Last but certainly not least is the Atlanta Falcons. The Matt Ryan/ Chad Henry combination has delivered a number one running back. Also, look at the secondary for the Atlanta Falcons. Vic Fangioraleda is one player that deserves mention. He’s a beast on the inside and is the lynchpin in the middle of the Falcons’ defense. If the Falcons can stay healthy up front, they have a very good chance to be one of the NFC’s better teams.

In summary, this was a look at some of the most successful teams in the NFL, both offense and defense. What makes these successes so appealing is the fact that you can win money if you pick the right team. It doesn’t matter which system you use; it’s going to be a gamble. Have fun!

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